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Vice Dolls

Die Trying


Hardcore with a soul. That’s the thought that crossed my mind as I read the lyrics sheet included with this angry, dense thrash disc. Fronted by scrunchy voiced Carrie Nance, the opening line of “Die Trying” is the plaintive, “If someone read my words, I wonder what would strike them first?” Well, when I listen to the sound, I think, “just another wound up tight set of punkers.” But in actually, READING them I think, “what a caring, sensitive set of poems.” Topics cover lost friends and loves, human rights and all sorts of things punks officially don’t care about but sneak back to when they need a topic for a song and can bury the sensitivity under over-modulated guitar and mechanistic drumming.

I’ve always been in favor of requiring lyrics sheets, mostly so I can figure out just what the group is really saying. Here’s a case where the lyrics make a better sales pitch for the group than the music. Cody Pruitt’s bass guitar is competent, if uninspired, and the drumming Greg Jaeger hammers out bores me, even when in it’s in time. The band as a whole seems pointed in a nihilistic direction that wastes the songwriting skills they have in a rage of hopeless anger. Take these words, set them out where they can be heard, and while it won’t change the world, it might make it a more interesting place to talk about.

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