Edited by Justin Luczejko

It feels just a bit self-referential reviewing a music magazine devoted to indie bands, punk, and general American youth culture on Ink 19, since we basically cover the same sort of material. But, we’re a small, friendly world, and a little cross promotion isn’t going to kill us, right? I recommend you take a look at this nationally-distributed 100 page ‘zine, with its extensive collection of reviews, interviews, and general information about the sorts of bands that might not make the cutout bins.

WonkaVision is a personal project of Justin Luczejko, rock and roll junkie and foot fetishist. How do I know that? It’s in the bio included with the two copies they sent us for review. Don’t let that put you off, Justin produces a very professional looking, Philadelphia based mag, which appears about 5 times a year.

The writing staff is eclectic, as is the material. Besides the mandatory record reviews, concert reviews, and interviews, they comment on comix and websites, present an extensive article on the state of hardcore today, relate personal experiences at Hellfest (aptly named from the description), and host a “Where Are They Now?” section, all set in dense, small print that will challenge your eyesight after a while. Like all good music mags, you can’t really sit down and read this cover to cover. However, random skipping around will fill you head with great facts for “music discussions” — who’s hot, who’s not, who’s dead, and whose just “gone on hiatus”, which is code talk for rehab. The great column “Dust Bin” features reviews of old and out of print records, which if nothing else should excite the used vinyl collector that resides in all of us. There’s even a “Letters From The Editors” section — take THAT you bunch of whiners! Before you commit your $3 for a copy, you can check out the website for free, and make sure your prejudices line up with theirs. A very handy feature, indeed.

WonkaVision: www.wonkavisionmagazine.com/

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