Are You From Dixie?

D-Fens Records

God, I love this record, and for all the wrong reasons. It’s loud, crude, completely politically incorrect, has no musical talent, crappy vocals and it’s GREAT! These guys look like a cartoon of rural Georgia rednecks. But as best I can tell, they are completely sincere, proud of what they are and where they come from, and make no bones about where they stand on gays, black, yuppies and everyone not born within 5 miles of where they were. Opening the album is the anthem “Pabst Blue Ribbon,” a tale of country love and alcoholism. It’s not the woman he loves, but his buddies George Dickle and Jack Daniels, the PBR chaser, and the liquor goggles make everything much, much better. Following this, we get another tender love song, “Suicide.” He’s found his woman in bed with another man, shoots them both and then debates suicide. A useless waste of human life? Uh…MAYBE. Let’s think about it. This sort of thing goes on for a while, till the end of the album, where we get their take on free speech, “Berkley in a Box”. What ever these guys believe, I recommend not arguing with them if you have an orange Mohawk or a preference in chardonnay. You won’t win

The only real problem is there’s not a lot of material here: 10 studio songs, 4 live versions of the same tunes and some random interview snippets that make it clear these guys are for real. I recommend this for any road trip that passes through Atlanta and doesn’t involve changing planes at Hartsfield. Yee haw, baby, this is the real stuff.

Hellstomper: www.hellstomper.8m.com

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