Dielectric Minimalist All-Stars

Dielectric Minimalist All-Stars

Dielectric Minimalist All-Stars


Dielectric Records

Scary jinky noise. Odd sounds from the art gallery. You can’t identify the pictures, you can’t identify the movie, you can’t report their structure. Melody — long, long gone. A random drum hit. Silent whirring noise in the background. A two disc set.

Not for the faint hearted, this amazing collection of ambient noise draws from the roots of Eno and Glass, and carries that “Ain’t never gonna chart” mentality to it’s logical conclusion. Songs have titles, though they are mostly for book keeping, not enlightenment: “Cocaine Loving Orange County Kids” and ‘”Bellicose Asshole in Charge.” Long, long stretches with no indication of anything on my winamp visualizer, then what might be a left over sci-fi soundtrack creeps in. Bad dreams personified. Stream of conscience atonality. Love it or leave it.

Gotta go.

Dielectric Records: www.dielectricrecords.com

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