Revolutions is one of the most forgettable albums I have ever heard, hip-hop or otherwise. Tracks like “(Even) More Human than Human,” featuring none other than Rob Zombie, and “Let Me Rock” are anachronistic. Wasn’t rap-metal the flavor of the month some five years ago? And with all the cameos, it seems that X-ecutioners themselves are admitting creative bankruptcy. Yet, even Ghostface Killah, Black Thought, Atmosphere and dead prez can’t save this album from the foul depths it reaches. Revolutions is disjointed, lacking the cohesion that previously allowed this collective to seamlessly flow from one track to the next. What was once an adroit statement made by a set of very disparate, yet equally creative voices is now a gauche collage of fatuous themes.

Oh, and the lyrics are inane: “Hoes, I cut them like dope…Turn tables like Asian women.” What the fuck does that mean, anyways?! It doesn’t even rhyme!

Well, here’s to the future of hip-hop…

X-ecutioners: www.x-ecutioners.net

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