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After a hiatus of a couple of years and some solo projects, The Black Crowes — primarily brothers Chris and Rich Robinson — are putting aside their differences and getting back to collaborating. There’s even a five-day concert stint planned for New York in March. I’ll get to what I have to say about Rich’s solo stint, Paper, in a minute. There’s just something I want to mention about the band first.

The Black Crowes are so vastly underrated in the annals of rock history. Others may disagree, saying they’re nothing but a group that mimics a sound that’s decades old. But when you think about it, who’s really creating a brand-new, totally innovative sound these days? Everything’s steeped in something from the past. As long as it sounds great, all other concerns should be secondary, right? The Crowes’ lyrics are amazing, and their sound is top-notch.

None of their albums are classics (the closest one would be Shake Your Money Maker). But man, do they have some songs that fit that bill. From “Jealous Again” to “Soul Singing,” there’s been some amazing tracks laid by the band over the years. Their soul-tinged rock with Chris’s plaintive wailing makes for something truly unique. So there’s the originality for all you Crowes haters! I can’t wait to catch the band up here in New York!

But wait, I’m sorry, I went off on a tangent there; this is supposed to be about the Rich Robinson’s record. Some words of advice: Stay away from it, it sucks. Rich’s weak voice gets buried underneath the screaming guitar licks, making the album pretty much unlistenable.

Thank god The Black Crowes are getting back together!

Rich Robinson

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