Recommended Reading…

Recommended Reading…

1. News you can use: In Alabama, it is unlawful to sell dildos while wearing bowling shoes.

2. Worth a stunned series of curse words: You know, it’s not like we didn’t know that Fred Phelps is so mad that if he were a dog Toby would have to shoot him to become a man. But go read Pam’s House Blend about his latest foaming at the mouth. Scroll down till you reach the “money quote,” at least.

As a side note, possibly my favorite line in the entire multiple-year run of the DC Comics/Vertigo series Preacher goes something like: “The Lord can stick his law up his ass if just one word of it says I can’t stand by my friend.”

3. You know what’s crazy? Bush & cronies seem compelled to try to make Saddam look worse than he is. And he wasn’t the nicest guy to begin with. That’s what’s crazy.

4. Worth a laugh: What John said about what Tom said.

5. Remember that thing a few days back about the “USA Next” ad? Well, here’s the other shoe.

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