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What’s in a Name


Bambix is a female-led Dutch punk band who’ve thoroughly studied every page of the Bad Religion fakebook, right down to the number-string riffs and Greg Graffin’s idiosyncratic enunciation. It should be a winner, but after a couple rounds into What’s in a Name I’ve come up shrugging. I think the problem lays mostly on my end; I’ve simply outgrown this genre of music. I would’ve eaten this stuff up in high school though…

Singer/guitarist Willia van Houdt has a great rough-but-not-ragged voice for punk, with a snarl that feels far more London than Amsterdam. She sports a limitless array of hooks and riffs to throw together; it sounds a little same-y, but that’s the nature of today’s punk. The only somewhat adventurous track, “Loch Ness,” features a brief flourish of banjo, but this still follows in the wake of Flogging Molly, etc. It’s good, standard stuff that’s not for me, but the kids out there could be listening to much worse.


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