Wagon Christ

Wagon Christ

Wagon Christ


Ninja Tune

Equally deserving of the spotlight as fellow Cornwall, England, luminaries like Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert’s been just as consistent, if not as proficient as his legendary cohort. Having abandoned his acid-jazz drum n’ bass project Plug after a one-off stint on Trent Reznor’s defunct Nothing Records, Vibert’s concentrated on his more fruitful alias, Wagon Christ, in recent years, having recorded for Astralwerks, Warp and now Ninja Tune.

Shadows, the first single off his second solid effort for Ninja, Sorry I Make You Lush, is filled with languid vocal moans of the title, rave-synth analogue sounds and breakbeats that we’ve come to cherish from this electronic wunderkind. The three other tracks on this single follow the same template, with “Loose Loggins” employing exotic textures over its downtempo strut. It’s a mini-album in itself, and much like its LP counterpart, it fills the reflective void of those gray Sundays with its bucolic electronica. But the real treat is the accompanying video for “Shadows,” an animated dreamscape that dutifully captures then enhances the comically-tinged noodling.

Ninja Tune: www.ninjatune.net

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