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  1. You may have heard about the New York University law student who asked Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia “Do you sodomize your wife?” at a public lecture recently.

The guy who did it has written an excellent open letter to his classmates explaining his reasons for doing so both as a gay man and as a law student. Wonkette has the whole thing; herewith some excerpts.

“How am I to docilely engage a man who sarcastically rants about the “beauty of homosexual relationships” (at the Q&A) and believes that gay school teachers will try to convert children to a homosexual lifestyle (at oral argument for Lawrence)?”

“Law school and the law profession do not negate my identity as a member of an oppressed minority confronting injustice.”

“Beyond exerting official power against homosexuals, Scalia is an outspoken and high-profile homophobe. After the aforementioned sarcastic remarks about gay people’s relationships, can anyone doubt how little respect he has for LGBT Americans? Even if no case touching gay rights ever came before him, his comments from the bench (that employment non-discrimination is some kind of “homosexual agenda,” etc.) and within our very walls are unacceptable to any self-respecting gay person or principled opponent of discrimination.”

There’s more, there’s much, much more. Go, read.

  1. From Hoffmania: “If America still has to hear the tired old “tax-and-spend” label for our side of things, then let’s revisit HOW that spending is done under Democrats and the “borrow-and-spend” GOP, okay?”

  1. Hello, he lied: The path some kids take to the military, via Suburban Guerrilla.

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