It’s always enlightening to see things from the “other side” once in a while. I’ve been ranting on this blog for months about the absusive, out of touch with America GOP, and its ills.

So, imagine my surprise when I lifted up the rock that is, the rightwing nutjob message board, and found out that all the hardliners think Bush and his minions are a bunch of wimps.

Read more and enjoy such statements as:

Expand the 62+ million to 100+ million. The focal point should be on eliminating the root cause of our problems, anti-freedom, anti-life criminals…The National Socialists.

The Republicans are making me SO angry with their impotence. It’s just ridiculous. If they don’t push these things through while they’re actually IN POWER, they’ll NEVER do it. Ball-less Wimps.

Personally, I am already furious about the immigration issue and the Republican Party’s refusal to listen to its base.

In the last election cycle I started withholding money from the GOP. Next, unless they change their tune, it is going to be my vote.

My my, its whiteknuckle time in KoolAid land. And they haven’t mentioned Delay, or Gannon, or Plame, et al. Not that such realities will ever enter their Fascism themepark, but its fun to watch them blink in the bright light of reality, even if it’s only a little peek…

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