Japanische Kampfhoernspiele

Japanische Kampfhoernspiele

Japanische Kampfhoernspiele

Hardcore Aus der Ersten World

Bastardized Records

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a disc I hate as much as JaKa. First off, try typing in the web address. It’s close to impossible with the uber Deutsche strung together name complete with umlauten. Then there’s the music: hardcore, but not in a good way. The drums are OK, the guitar is there when you need it, but Bitte, schiessen Sie das lead vocalist! Er saugt! And that’s about it — if you need a thrashing, high-speed soundtrack for your film school project, consider this album. Otherwise, I recommend taking two aspirin and lying in a dark room with a cool towel on your head.

Japanische Kampfhoernspiele: www.japanischekampfhoerspiele.de

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