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New Roman Times remind us of a time when “Alternative Music” really was the alternative, and “Indie” was a state of mind, not just a musical genre. Their music is catchy and danceable, without sounding contrived. And with equally shared male/female vocals, they draw inspiration from the greats: Sonic Youth and Pixies.

Begun in Denver, Colorado, by Dan Owens (guitars, vocals) and Josie Fluri (bass, vocals), the band now calls Orlando home. The Disney-bred town is not known for its indie rock scene, I can say with first hand knowledge, which makes NRT that much more special. They’ve created their own niche surrounding the best little club in town, The Social, becoming the unofficial house band. There they have opened for such artists as Elefant, Ted Leo and Death Cab for Cutie. And now, with their first release on Social Recordings, they hope to make their music global.

The sounds of International Affairs are highly accessible. Poppy enough to attract the casual listener, yet solid enough to satisfy the ardent critic. “Dis-Viscount” sounds like the best of the early 90’s alterna-rock, with Owens sounding a bit like Archers of Loaf’s Eric Bachmann. “The Going Away Gift” beautifully displays the tag team vocal dynamic of Owens and the sultry Josie Fluri. But it’s the opening track, “Reversion Therapy,” that best captures the essence of the smokey sounds of New Roman Times: determined, smart and artsy enough to keep things interesting. This is a band that doesn’t just have its sights set on making it, they are playing as if they already have.

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