The Sound of the Crowd

Apparently there’s some big film opening this week

And yes, I do hope to see it, although even though I live within walking distance of four or five different movie theaters, for some reason it’s not opening at any of them. Here’s two items about it to further whip you into a frenzy, you boy-pop-culture-junkies and girl-geeks, you.

  1. Even if I hadn’t hoped to see the film anyway, hearing this would have made up my mind for me: A Republican webpage is calling for a boycott of Star Wars and George Lucas.

I know what you’re thinking, but oh, if only I were kidding you. It seems that Lucas, at the Cannes Film Festival recently, said some things that these armchair warriors didn’t like. You know, the kind who love to bleat loudly about how they support the war but stop shy of actually putting their own lives on the line, and seem to be ok with those who are not having proper equipment.

Here’s (some of) what Lucas said:

Quote: “It is just one of those re-occuring things. I hope this doesn’t come true in our country. Maybe the film will awaken people to the situation of how dangerous it is . . . The parallels between what we did in Vietnam and what we are doing now in Iraq are unbelievable.”

Now, I happen to think that those who look for meaning or depth in Star Wars, including Lucas, are chasing fools gold, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s right about the parallels.

But what’s really weird about this is that it reminds me of an episode from the last season of NewsRadio. Andy Dick’s character briefly seemed to become a genius and spouted a great monologue about the parallels between the Dark Empire and the Nixon administration…

  1. Here’s why, even if this theoretical screenwriting career gets off the ground, I am unlikely to be asked to pen any further Star Wars episodes. From Ebert’s review:

“To say that George Lucas cannot write a love scene is an understatement; greeting cards have expressed more passion.

“The dialogue throughout the movie is once again its weakest point: The characters talk in what sounds like Basic English, without color, wit or verbal delight…

“In many cases the actors are being filmed in front of blue screens, with effects to be added later, and sometimes their readings are so flat, they don’t seem to believe they’re really in the middle of amazing events.

“He’s worried about you,” Anakin is told at one point. “You’ve been under a lot of stress.”

“The dialogue is not the point, however; Lucas’ characters engage in sturdy oratorical pronunciamentos and then leap into adventure.”

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