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The San Francisco Chronicle has a report on the fanbase for “Firefly,” the failed TV series turned back-to-school film created by Joss Whedon.

“Firefly” was a polarizing phenomenon from its first episode in 2002. Its wildly inventive premise and pithy dialogue earned it critical praise, but good reviews couldn’t save it”


For the 57, 000th time:

“Firefly” did not have an inventive premise. The western as sci-fi is so old a cliche it was literally being mocked in 1950’s SF magazines. I’d hoped Whedon knew that and was going to bring one of his patented “twists” to it. But I watched something like the first seven or eight episodes, and for the most part? All I saw were stories that could have been told on “Rawhide” dressed up and put into space.

Pithy dialogue? No. I’ll grant you this is a judgement call, but those of you who know me know my love of good dialogue. “Firefly” had dialogue about as good as the first “Star Wars.”

“Firefly” did not get good reviews. The common thread among most reviews I read at the time was well, this isn’t that hot…but it’s Whedon, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

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