Truth to Power

Sound familar?

Baghdad Mayor Is Ousted by a Shiite Group and Replaced


08/10/05 “New York Times” – – BAGHDAD, Iraq, Aug. 9 – Armed men entered Baghdad’s municipal building during a blinding dust storm on Monday, deposed the city’s mayor and installed a member of Iraq’s most powerful Shiite militia.

The deposed mayor, Alaa al-Tamimi, who was not in his offices at the time, recounted the events in a telephone interview on Tuesday and called the move a municipal coup d’etat. He added that he had gone into hiding for fear of his life.

“This is the new Iraq,” said Mr. Tamimi, a secular engineer with no party affiliation. “They use force to achieve their goal.”


Gee, wonder where they learned that? And boy, don’t this just scream “democracy”?

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