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Welcome to Goodbye

Metropolis Records

For those left wanting more following Rotersand’s debut thriller, Truth is Fanatic, the German trio returns full force with their latest masterpiece, Welcome to Goodbye. Here Rotersand make a quantum leap into EBM super stardom with a stunning display of musical energy. After a brief self-titled intro piece, “Dare To Live” kicks in with a vengeance. This sonic monster is loaded with potent synthesizer bass and an infectious groove. It’s a gem of true electro brilliance that will set dance floors ablaze. Be sure to wear flame retardant clothing when listening at maximum volume. Keeping the mercury at the boiling point, “The Last Ship, PT. 1” invokes an immediate adrenaline rush. Before you know it, you will find yourself chanting, “Send the last ship home!” Electro mayhem does not get any better than this. The brooding “Almost Wasted” creeps up next with a bombastic beat alongside Rasc’s smooth vocals. At the midpoint, the track blasts into sheer naked aggression. “Storm” follows on a similar assault path with other-worldly treatments. The introduction of metallic percussion takes the track into category-five status on the saffer-simpson scale. Time to batten the hatches and prepare for the onslaught approaching.

A more delicate side is found on “By the Waters,” with a subtle arrangement of sound. This one builds beautifully into a fantastic contender for best single. Here the band show off their songwriting genius with ease. The eerie “Last Ship, PT. 2” proves that intensity can be found at slower paces. This one is ideally suited for a movie soundtrack. On “Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy,” Rotersand offer distorted drum sounds combined with analog warfare. A catchy hook permeates through “Undone,” where a more commercial yet equally interesting avenue is taken. Strap yourself in for the ride of your life. A climactic chorus catapults this piece to the stratosphere. “Alive” follows with a funky style that really pushes the creative envelope. While the sound is reminiscent of ideas found on their debut release, it is taken to uncharted territory. Here we are at track 10, and there is no sign of letting up!

The touching “All in All” finishes off the experience on a softer yet danceable note. There is no other electro release on the market that is as captivating and inspiring. Welcome to Goodbye shows Rotersand expanding upon their talents and evolving into a musical force to reckon with.

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