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Rocket Science

Rocket Science

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My theory is that all really good rock bands come from the English speaking world: USA, Canada, UK and Australia. There are a few outliers like Sweden and Holland, but somehow you need that bastardization of Old Norse and Latin to really rock out. Bolstering my prejudice is this tight, arty, Aussie quartet. Rocket Science carries a hint of new-wave vocals, but the guitar and drums are solidly interesting, extremely listenable and infectious.

The opening cut, “Eternal Holiday,” gets your attention with clean vocals and a pretty good plot for a pop song – it’s got something to do with running away with your lover, but I’ll let you listen to it yourself. Later we get the ominous “Sex Call,” where lead singer Roman Tucker proves again he could have recorded for IRS or Bomp. While the set up relies on the drum/guitar/synth basics, occasionally you hear a bit of Theremin, so you know these guys are cool.

The music is fast-paced, getting on to intense, and probably not suitable for listening to when stuck in a traffic jam. But as party backing music, it carries an energy that sticks with you, even when the disc slides into your regular rotation. No ballads here, this is music for motion – on the dance floor or sweeping the garage.

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