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Miers? Who the hell is Miers?

Conservatives are blasting Chimps choice for the court, White House counsel Harriet Miers, and libs seem to think she’s unqualified as well (duh, she’s never been a judge, or even a particuarly good lawyer…). I see three possible reasons for her to be chosen:

1: She’s a hack that will do anything Bush tells her. Her statement that Bush is “the most brilliant man I’ve ever met” is telling. Thus, she’ll vote against Roe v. Wade, which is the only reason “conservatives” care who’s on the court anyway.

2: She’s a ringer. The White House tosses out a sacrificial lamb that the Dems slaughter, only to nominate a real right wing nutball the next time- and if the Dems attempt to stop it, they are painted as being “unreasonable” and get hammered.

3: My own take on it- shes been the White House counsel. Thus, she was most likely privy to details re: the Plame leak and investigation. Who knows what sort of conflict of interest that would cause, if Bush and crew get hauled before the Supreme Court. Add to that the fact that she was paid to investigate Bush’s National Guard records (and may have indulged in some hanky-panky along the way) then she most likely knows dirt on everybody.

Granted, I tend toward the paranoid on such matters, but I really feel it’s #3. Shes there to keep Bush from going to jail- or being impeached after the 06 elections.

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