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To those who employ Neal Boortz

Here’s a copy of an email I sent to Neal Boortz, his employers, and advertisers:

To those who employ Neal Boortz:

In Thursday’s (10.20.2005) “Neals Nuze” Neal Boortz had this comment:

“So now the same thing is happening. This time the controversy is

over a news report in Australia that says American soldiers burned the

bodies of two Taliban Islamic terrorists. Those poor Taliban fighters…

just makes your heart ache that their corpses were mishandled, doesn’t it?”

By employing Boortz, you are saying that such statements- statements

that would disgust any rational human being- are fine. More to the

point, you are saying that the desecration of human beings is ok as

long as you earn good ratings, or in the case of your advertisers,

return on your ad dollars. His attempts to rationalize this due to the past

actions of our foes is beside the point. What is wrong for one

party is wrong for all.

If Neal is so ignorant that he doesn’t see that such actions as those performed by our troops increases the risk that such will be done to our servicemen, then he needs a bit of world education. If, as I suspect, he simply doesn’t care,

then he needs to be fired.

I will be voicing my concerns to any and all advertisers of your

station, asking them if they too support the desecration performed

by our troops, and the cheering of such by their paid spokesman, Neal

Boortz. Do you wish your products to be associated with a man who

feels that burning human remains as a propaganda tool is a “basic tactic

of war”? If so, then be prepared to lose at least one possible source

of revenue- mine.

These are tense, dangerous times in which we live. By continuing to

allow Boortz a forum from which to spew hatred of anyone different

than himself, not to mention his seemingly total ignorance (or

indifference to) the Geneva Convention and our own Army’s rules of war, only

makes it worse. I wish his behavior did not enrage me so, so that I could

frame a more coherent statement to you that expresses my shame and disgust

at his- and your- actions. Perhaps if I stated the scenario another way.

If your child laid dead on the field of battle, and our enemies did

to him what our troops did to these people, would you want to hear of

a broadcaster applauding such brutality? I hope for all our sakes the

answer is no. Because we live in such a wonderful country that holds dear

our freedom of speech, Neal Boortz has every right to babble whatever nonsense he thinks will entice listeners, and you are free to hire him to do so.

And it is my right to work to make sure that for both Neal Boortz – and those

who profit from his vile and un-American statements- find it increasingly less profitable to do so.

James Mann

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