Truth to Power

Really smart, or really stupid?

Did ya hear about the Republican senator from New Hampshire, Judd Gregg, who a few days ago won nearly a million bucks ($853,492 to be exact) in the Powerball lottery?

Now, a few facts about Sen. Gregg. First, he’s a multi-millionaire (before this), as well as being the head of the Senate Budget Committee. (Conicidentally, USA Today states). Now, playing the lottery, even when the payout is $340 mill as it was the other day, is just plain stupid. You won’t win, no matter how much you play. And even if you do, it generally won’t be enough to offset the losses. Now, maybe this guy just bought a ticket on a whim, out with family at the grocery and goes, what the heck, I need another few million, sure. And he gets lucky.

But what if he is actually playing it smart? What if a multi-millionare Senator has decided that his money is better off being used to buy lottery tickets instead of more conventional investments? What if it isn’t conicidence that he’s the Budget Committee head?

Is he saying that the Powerball odds are a better bet than our economy? Yikes!

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