Jigsore Terror

Jigsore Terror

Jigsore Terror

World End Carnage

Listenable Records

Jigsore Terror tout themselves as a throwback to classic grindcore. I think they’re way fucking underestimating themselves. World End Carnage is far too musically proficient and fresh sounding to be lumped in with the grindcore/gorecore masses. When I listen to World End Carnage, I hear a confident group that’s already outgrowing their chosen musical stomping grounds. There are hints of Carcass circa Symphonies of Sickness (and we all know the godhead that they produced right after that album) and the feral thrash violence of Hypocrisy’s recent works. The point is, not only are they rapidly improving players — there’s a good degree of nascent virtuosity and definitely an encyclopedic knowledge of what makes a good metal record, hence they go easy on the blast beats and throw a fucking treasure worth of brutal but catchy riffs in at every opportunity — and assured, but they also have this total commitment to the intensity and aesthetic of grindcore that … it’s just like fucking Roman legionnaires or something. You’d have to kill them to stop them. The lyrics cover the expected renaissance death metal themes; Satan and the occult are steered far clear from, so instead, like Deceased and Obituary, they can delve into the visceral horror that is man’s inhumanity to man, rendered in splatterific gory, audacious reds and browns, hatred, violence, pathology, murder, perversion, often delivered in a total gonzo lyrical style. Just scope out some of the titles: “Corpses on Fire,” “Rotten Heads” and “Insane Torture.” Galloping speed runs are broken up by wall-of-sickness gore riffs, which are in turn fighting for supremacy with ultra catchy thrash and speed metal breaks rendered all grungy, guttural and blood-caked. There’s even some crossover style mosh bridges. Plus one of them looks like he’s in the Ramones. Dead cool. Dead. Cool.

Listenable Records: www.listenable.net

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