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Mt. Gigantic

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Simply put, Mt. Gigantic are too enthusiastic about the music they’re making. They’re a large-scale band where all members feel like they should be contributing all of the time. The result, instead of being a finely tuned piece of orchestral pop, is unbelievably muddy and disorienting. It’s obvious from the group’s personality, song titles and cover art that they’re striving for anything other than normality. They achieve an otherworldly campfire song vibe at their most focused moments, but left to their own wandering devices they just don’t go very far. They can rock the atonality like Sonic Youth and Unwound, they can slow the pace down enough to prevent immediate burn out, but the maze of their songwriting ability is painfully easy to figure out. Nearly every song is between five and six minutes, with a loud/quiet song structure and recycled vocal melodies. For a band that’s supposed to be thriving on incomprehensible, they should try not to telegraph their entire playbook before the first track is finished.

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