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Cori Yarckin

Cori Yarckin

Ringing In My Head

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Undoubtedly influenced by the success of artists like Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson, Florida-based Cori Yarckin has made a spirited attempt to follow in their footsteps with her debut album, Ringing In My Head. A former dancer and actress, Yarckin certainly has the sensational looks to appeal to major label bosses on the lookout for the next youthful female artist to aggressively market, and her performance on Ringing In My Head hints that she has the voice to match. What the Orlando native lacks at this point in her career are the songs. There is also the lingering suspicion that, perhaps, the industry is already overpopulated with artists of a similar ilk.

The punchy opener, “Gratitude,” immediately begs comparison with Lavigne and Simpson, but there is certainly more filler than killer on this album. Yet with its memorable hook, “Everything You Said” is a step in the right direction; and it’s clear Yarckin does have a couple of aces up her sleeve in the excellent “Everything You Said” and “Better.” Both are the kind of catchy, commercial modern pop-rock tracks that could act as the launch pad for her career.

Ringing In My Head certainly has promise, and proves that Yarckin clearly has talent and determination to succeed. But in order to progress to the next level, she could do with teaming up with a more established songwriting partner or producer.

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