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Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds


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Having become something of a draw at shows in LA’s Echo Park, Canadian troubadour Steve Reynolds is vying to make his mark a little further afield with his captivating brand of melancholic folk. The ex-pat has been winning rave reviews around his adopted city for some time now, and the aptly named Exile effortlessly confirms his talent. Reynolds is part Ryan Adams, part Elliott Smith, but tracks such as the beautiful “That Old Love” and the stunning “Market Fool” mark him out as an artist who could become as well known.

“Satellite,” the song that was featured on Roswell and that first brought his music to national acclaim, is understandably the song that has won him the most new fans, but there’s plenty more here besides. The first single, “Dear Rose,” has the feel of a stomping barroom singalong. The title track closes the album with a wonderfully atmospheric and poignant vibe, while “Forsaken” demonstrates Reynolds’s talent with a guitar.

The influential LA radio station KCRW has marked Reynolds out as one to watch, and on the evidence of Exile, that’s a pretty astute decision.

Steve Reynolds:

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