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Finally! A recent punk band worth hearing. Rather than pound out noise, these guys can actually play, stay in tune and for all I know start shows on time. Turbonegro is much more than attitude and tee-shirts; they wear interesting costumes, write complicated, funny lyrics and don’t look like they are on the wrong end of a rehab stay. Best of all, they come form Norway, an increasingly rich source of rock music — it must be that global warming. Besides tight songs with hysterical lyrics, Turbonegro shows a playful attitude of commentary on the world. Deep down, they know they’re just entertainment, but you’ll love them all the more for that. It’s hard to pick a favorite song, but “Death from Above” succeeds in rhyming Jesus and Feces, and brings to mind the anthem from Team America. Another fave is “If You See Kay” — say it fast 5 times. And ya gotta love a song like “All My Friends are Dead.” After all, isn’t it true for all of us?

Turbonegro looks like a cross between Rob Zombie and The Village People, and sounds like Spinal Tap covering The Blood Hound Gang. They’ve even got clever stage names, like “Euroboy” (lead) and “Pal Pot Pamparius” (rhythm). Are these guys gimmicky? Heck yeah. Are they good? Hell yes. Are they gonna change the world? Of course not, but they will get repeat listening down here.

Turbonegro: www.turbonegro.nu

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