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Steven Ross Jahn

Steven Ross Jahn

South Texas Wind

For those who like mellow country music, there aren’t many surprises here. Newcomer Steven Ross Jahn gives the public what they want: a number of ballads and an upbeat track or two. The infectious “Rosa Janine” is among them; it bears an unexpected resemblance to the Knack’s power-pop classic “My Sharona” in one of its riffs. It’s about as rocking as Jahn gets, as this album is for people who want to relax and perhaps reflect upon past relationships.

When it comes to singing about women he’s loved before, Jahn does it well. “The forecast calls for stormy weather,” he laments on “I Saw Your Picture in the Paper” as misty-eyed piano provides a sad backdrop for his tale. Most of the time the attention is paid to Jahn’s woeful voice; but the music can be fairly attractive too, such as the pretty acoustic strumming on “It Had to Be You.”

Jahn is a storyteller, and this is the kind of work that’ll appeal to the unfortunately neglected blue-collar class. There is poetry in his simplicity, grace in his fragility. The last track on the album, “Santa Bring My Daddy Home,” could’ve been corny, but it isn’t. It’s a powerful statement, a child’s longing to be with his or her military father during the holidays. Jahn is reaching into the stocking and striking a nerve. “Santa Bring My Daddy Home,” especially Jahn’s sensitive delivery, will linger in your mind for hours after spinning it.

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