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Paranoid Social Club

Paranoid Social Club (On Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Paranoid Social Club

Paranoid Social Club

On Records

Pop this record in the player and you’ll immediately think you’re listening to Sublime. You’re not, of course, but the sound-alike factor is eerie. That’s not bad; this band sings about the classic slacker view on life, working butts to the bone to make everything sound solid. The threesome consists of guitar (Dave Gutter), bass and keys (Jon Roods) with drums thoughtfully pounded by Marc Boisvert. They seem to be New England based, as they won some sort of award from Portland, Maine’s alternative paper. I recommend most of the songs, particularly opening cut “Cable Hookup.” It tells a romantic tale of abusive love: she works and pays the cable bill, he flips channels and takes drugs. Sweet! Good songs and good times fill the disc, and even it they really are paranoid, you should be out to get their record.

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