The Barracudas

The Barracudas

The Barracudas

The Barracudas: The Barracudas

NDN Records

Am I getting THAT old? It seems every record I see these days is a revival from the L.A. punk days. The Barracudas are just another band I remember from some fading brain cells, and here they are making music again. Back in the stone age, these guys were a ’60s revival band with a punk surf sound. They’ve lost that genre, and are now a more straight ahead rock band with a typical lead – rhythm – bass – keys and drum sound. There’s an anthemic quality to some of the music (like “Poor White Trash”), by which I mean they are aiming for a home run like “Rock and Roll All Night Party All Day” or “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” When not swinging for the fences, I hear a smattering of influence from other vintage L.A. bands — the Dickies influence “What You Want You Get,” the Blasters are lurking behind “I Believe in Everything” and the original Barracudas sound reemerges on “Don’t Ever Say it Can’t Be So.” The Barracudas aren’t that bad. They come in a variety of styles, fit in with most party themes and play pretty well. They’re…nice.

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