Truth to Power

Lies? We got your lies right here.

When you’re behind some minivan still displaying a W sticker, ponder what the empty little head of the driver is filled with. Amazing “facts” such as this:

As the debate over illegal immigration in our nation continues on its course, Republicans in Congress remain committed to securing our nation’s borders and enforcing our nation’s laws.

Uh huh. Really, can’t even make a snarky comment on that.

Republicans firmly believe working Americans should be able to keep more of the money they earn. It’s one of our fundamental differences with Democrats. Maybe that’s why the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts were enacted with wide Republican majorities in the House and Senate. As a result of that historic tax relief, a record number of taxpayers received generous tax refunds on their 2003 tax returns, the average of which was almost $2,100.

If by average you mean, lets take the millionaires 41K refund and compare it to the say, $150 a typical, middle class taxpayer got, sure.

Republicans in Congress are committed to honoring our men and women in uniform–past and present. And Republican reforms have bettered the situation of our nation’s veterans, dramatically increased funding for veterans’ programs, and ensured our veterans receive the benefits they are owed.

Oh, like not funding treatment for DU or Agent Orange related illness, cutting benefits and requiring larger co-pays, not to mention sending mentally ill troops back into the field because you can’t recruit enough idiots for your little wargames? You’re committed alright.

More incredible lies and puffery at the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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