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Take You Apart

In Music We Trust, Rhythm Ace Records

Look out! Here’s another band from down-under, and this one could actually infiltrate the U.S. and take over rock as we know it. With its infectious melodies and rock sensibilities that is a perfect cross of Silverchair and The Vines, Take You Apart could propel Screamfeeder to stardom here.

Screamfeeder has catchier melodies and more talent than their Aussie counterparts Silverchair, with the fun and unpredictability of The Vines. They seamlessly go from the pop charm of “Ice Patrol” to the quick “Bunny” to the balladry of “You and Me.” Vocalist Tim Steward carries the band with catchy lyrics and a voice that sounds like he’s leading an Australian version of the Arctic Monkeys, especially on the fast-paced “Bunny,” which rivals “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor” for speed. Bassist Kellie Lloyd proves that she can hold her own as she takes the lead on “The Space That’s Left.”

Every song is a head-bobbing good time, from the guitar-pop triumph “I’ve Got the Knife” to “You and Me.” The latter ends with the chant “Hey Now,” which takes “Hey Jude” and makes it better. That’s right: “You and Me” is better than “Hey Jude.” “Now I Don’t Feel So Bad” sounds like it came straight from a good classic rock station that plays more than Aerosmith and the Eagles (if there is such a thing). “I Don’t Know What to do Anymore” recalls The Replacements with its understated chorus and its driven but tempered beat.

Take You Apart is 13 songs that flow perfectly from one to another, with no unnecessary filler, dead space or skipable tracks. Every song has the catchiness to be released as a single. With this album, Screamfeeder proves that they can roll with the big names from Australia and probably last longer.


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