The Reggie Buie Trio

The Reggie Buie Trio

The Reggie Buie Trio

The First Time

Buie Entertainment

What is often categorized as smooth jazz is usually not jazz at all, at least in its purest form. Too often, generic adult contemporary is posing as smooth jazz or some new age muzak with piano and horns. The same cannot be said of the Reggie Buie Trio. Not only is this smooth jazz, but it’s real jazz as well. Buie and his mates are traditionalists. There are no concessions to pop here; even the cover of “Betcha, By Golly Wow” doesn’t have the slick, modern studio polish that you’d expect. Piano, upright bass, drums, percussion, saxophone and trumpet are the tools of the Trio’s magic. They sound like the cool cats you would’ve expected to hang out in smoke-filled bars decades ago. Yet, judging from the booklet’s photos, Buie has some relative youngsters on his side.

Reviews of mostly instrumental pieces are the most difficult to write, because the technical aspects will be completely oblivious to Average Joe, and the music should be experienced, not read about. A lot of love and respect went into the recording of this album, especially for the material that is remade so professionally and engagingly here.

The Reggie Blue Trio:

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