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For Vyrus, the ’90s never ended, especially the first exciting years of the decade, when bands like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots tossed spandex to the wind and unleashed a monster musical movement with two-fisted riffs, guitar distortion and an ominous worldview. To those who spent high school listening to alternative radio at the time, they were years to look fondly upon.

Although I am reluctant to label Vyrus as a retro group (was it that long ago?), the spirit of that era burns within them. They are not some imbecilic Blink-182 wannabe, nor do they worship the throne of Nickelback. Vyrus is pure rock & roll, blasting off with enough nuclear warhead fumes to choke a cafeteria filled with emo kids. If you’re sick of James Blunt’s grating sappiness or Fall Out Boy’s annoying preteen shrieks, Vyrus will heal those exhausted ears.

While there are only five cuts on this demo, nobody will leave unsatisfied. Vyrus throws on enough rock per minute to make it a king’s feast. “Lost in the Dark” shows that Vyrus means business without a second’s hesitation; it packs a tremendous wallop. “Further” is punchy straightforward rock, and the nicely named “Guttermind” displays both artistry and a hearty appetite for sonic booms.

Vyrus: www.vyrus.com

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