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Mad Buffalo

Mad Buffalo

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Considering how rare it is to hear records these days with any political or social commentary whatsoever, Mad Buffalo should receive a standing ovation for doing both and executing them so well. From American soldiers dying in Iraq in an idiotic war to our dependence on oil, Mad Buffalo rip through today’s newspaper headlines, but not in a generic or impersonal fashion. Rather, they put them in the proper perspective. For example, in the title track, leader Randy Riviere inhabits the body of a soldier in Iraq. He’s killed people, and has had friends die; the song acts as his future epitaph as he sees no better future than being murdered in the desert.

Mad Buffalo reaches their peak, both musically and lyrically, on “Devil’s Blood” which ends the record with a KO hit to the chin. Utilizing drums as heavy and loud as falling boulders and blistering hard-rock riffs, Mad Buffalo are certainly at their angriest, launching missiles at our hunger and need for oil. Riviere reveals a painful Catch-22: Without oil companies, it’ll devastate the economy of communities; however, they have no respect for the environment, indifferent to pillaging the land for their own financial gains. “A thousand cold winters/ Or seven months of sin/ As our valley rolls under the wheels of company men.” It’s potent stuff, crackling with the thundering heat of Riviere’s guitar.

None of the tunes on here clock under four minutes, giving them the time to breathe and explore various sonic directions.

Mad Buffalo:

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