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Peter Bradley Adams

Peter Bradley Adams

Gather Up

Mouse In The Moon/Big Helium

Formerly of folk duo Eastmountainsouth, Peter Bradley Adams has struck out on his own as a solo artist, and his debut is surely one of the most accomplished and engaging singer/songwriter records of 2006.

Part folk, part Americana and part pop, Gather Up is an eclectic mix of diverse styles that meld together to create a body of work that captivates at every turn. The roots rock of opener “Unreconciled,” the acoustic folk of “Teresa” and the melancholy of piano ballad “Lay Your Head Down” provide a tantalising hint of the quality of Adams’s songwriting and the flawless production and musicianship that characterises the entire record.

The haunting “Upside Down” provides a spine-chilling moment of reflection, while the jaunty country pop of “Queen of Hearts” is a neat contrast to the intensity of the title track, which combines an inventive use of spoken poetry and Adams’s deeply affecting melodies. The world music rhythms of the hypnotic “Chant” sit comfortably next to the excellent country-tinged “He Sang.” But the finest moment of an exquisitely balanced record is, without doubt, the melodic strains of “One Foot Down,” a song that deserves to send Adams’s career to the next level.

Gather Up is a sublime album that showcases the full range of Adams’s talents and one that marks him out as a songwriter of real quality. Essential.

Peter Bradley Adams:

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