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Rock Star: Supernova Results Show 8.23.06

A little tension in the house between Dilana and Ryan comes to a head on stage. Ugh, no more drama, that’s what I watch America’s Next Top Model for.

Tonight they are going to perform another original song, with Toby as the vocalist. I’m SO not a Toby fan, can I say that enough? I just don’t get him, I don’t see why he’s made it this far. Hey Hey Hey, Ho Ho Ho? Not great.

They had a media little test, and Dilana my girl flunked. Wow, she dogged everyone in the interviews, it was rather nutty. It was sort low rent to me. I love her, she’s a great singer but obviously needs some people skills.

The bottom four were Storm, Patrice, Toby and Magni. The first to stay in the bottom three was Magni and he does Hendrix’ “Fire”. Odd choice I thought, but it wasn’t that bad. I have to give props where they are due, and Magni didn’t do too bad. Of course, there are like 4 sentences in the whole song, but still. I think Magni is safe tonight.

The second one to perform is Patrice. I think this is her final night, there’s just a hole that she can’t get out of. She’s doing “Middle of the Road” by The Pretenders. Not an easy song to sing, and extra hard for her. She’s totally out there. Her whole song was rather monotone. Is that a cold sore on her lip?! After her song is over, she’s standing next to Magni and he calls her bloody lip to her attention. He holds up his sleeve for her to blot the blood on it. Hmm, gentleman or fool?

Rounding out the bottom three is Toby. He does “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots, ho hum. I was hoping for something awesome. He’s just so bland, I can’t bear to watch half the time when he performs. His song tonight wasn’t that bad, but he’s no Scott Weiland, that’s for sure.

Sadly, The Hatchet Man cometh. And he cometh for Patrice. She’s the 9th one to hit the bricks. Totally expecting that one tonight, it wasn’t much of a shock. Like Tommy said, it was her 4th week in the bottom three so, that was time enough, I think. But, on a positive note, it wasn’t a herpe on her lip…. she just must have bit her lip or something.

Next week is viewer’s choice week, but I was sadly disappointed since I wanted to be able to pick the song. Instead it’s just radio buttons and you chose between four selections. Hmph. I wanted Lukas to sing “Mercy Seat”….. So, until next week….

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