Rock Star: Supernova Results Show 8.9.06

Rock Star: Supernova Results Show 8.9.06

They announced that whomever remains tonight is going with them on a private jet to Las Vegas to The Joint. Pretty sweet gig. I think that is where they might sing their take on the Supernova song.

The guys of Supernova couldn’t pick just one encore, so this week, there was two. Lukas was up first for his first encore and he rocked it. The second encore was Magni, and they asked that he sing it electric. They should have left it acoustic, it just wasn’t near as tight. There was something harried about it.

As they pull the bottom five, again this week, it’s no big surprise. Jill, Josh, Zayra, Patrice and Ryan. The shocking part of it all, was that Zayra was safe. I think she has the entire territory of Puerto Rico voting. Until their fingers bleed, like in an illegal sweatshop.

The first in the bottom three was the mini dynamo, Jill. Her song choice was the Queen of Soul’s Respect. Amazing song, but not amazing when Jill sings it. I think Jill’s niche is a hotel lounge act. I can picture her in heavily sprayed hair, big earrings, shiny dress and singing top 40 covers. Perhaps the discography of Taylor Dayne. Hmm.

Josh was the 2nd in the bottom three, much to my surprise. Was the guitar thing all that important? He does Bad Company’s Shooting Star, while it was a good version, it just made me realize that I can see Josh with a piano as a Gavin DeGraw style artist. He’s got talent but he’s not a rocker. I’m not sure that Supernova is the way for him to go.

To wrap up the bottom three, Ryan. Jason seemed surprised but then called him out on how much he’s changed it up from week to week. From the grand piano, to the hoodie and eye make-up it’s a big change. Ryan said that he’s getting more comfortable so should we assume that at some point he’ll show up in full drag singing Hello Dolly? Ryan does a rock version of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence that was a bit off to me. It would have been much better, had he hadn’t tried to do that low sexy rasp.

The moment of truth comes when the Hatchet Man delivers the news, they are letting Josh and Jill go home. Only the 8 remaining are going to Vegas. I am anticipating the next couple weeks,then the competition gets down and dirty. When the do their take on the Supernova song, these songsters are either going to shine like diamonds or sink like a stone.

And I’ll be here, capturing it all and posting it here.

‘Til then-

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