Truth to Power

Remember when…

CBS was going to air a biopic of Reagan that the brownshirts found offensive? Remember such great quotes as:

I think that same standard should apply to the late president John F. Kennedy or to Jimmy Carter or any president. If you’re going to portray a presidency and a president, I think you should do all you can to make sure it’s accurate. . . .

Ed Gillespe, RNC Chairman


In this case, simple justice demands that the lies about Ronald and Nancy Reagan must not go unchallenged but, in a larger sense, truth itself must be defended. Attempts to distort our history must be resisted. Historical truth is simply too valuable to be made a plaything for biased filmmakers rewriting it to fit their politics.

Ed Morrow, National Review


Now, seemingly the rightwing has no problem, on the eve of an election that seems almost certain to result in their loss of power, to air a broadcast that lies about and distorts the most important historical event in our lifetimes, blames the wrong people, and creates a fog of myth that if repeated enough, will become gospel to sheeple who allow TV to make up their minds for them.

Now, read this and ponder. Who’s behind all this?

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