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Rock Star: Supernova Finale

Finale Night …. wow, what a hard night this is going to be. I’llbe a little sad that it’s over. Now how will I ever see my Lukas? Besides, I’m a TV junkie! Good thing that the Fall Season is starting next week!

Out of the top four, the bottom two were Magni and Toby, not really a shock though, huh?

Magni sang “Fire” yet again by Hendrix but it’s still so damn bland.

Toby with the Billy Idol… Hayseuss Maria… what is his deal? He’s stalkerish at this point.

But alas, Magni is headed back to Iceland. To his family…where he really belongs to be honest.

The final three, Toby, Lukas and Dilana are crazy business. I still think it should have been Storm instead of Toby, but what can I say. They do a great recap of each of their time here. A little montage of tunes and pics of them throughout the competition.

The guys want to hear them sing again, so up first is Lukas. sigh He does “Bittersweet Symphony” again and it’s really one of my favorite songs that he did.

Next, Dilana. She does “Zombie” which was amazing the first time, but this time, it was a weird warbly kind of thing. Some weird notes she was hitting, it was still good, just not as good as the firs time.

Last is Toby, he does “Somebody Told Me”. yawn I don’t know what it is about this guy that just puts me to sleep. He’s just… off.

They do their little chit chat at the end of the performances.

First for Toby, Jason says his singing hasn’t ever been in question and that his voice always cuts over the guitars. But…he’s next to go home. G’day Mate. He at least is humble about it, and says that Dilana and Lukas are awesome and that they have been from day one. That he took time to grow into a good performer and whomever Supernova gets it will be great. That was nice, I’ll give credit where it’s due.

At the end, it’s just Dilana and Lukas at the end, and they take a commercial because Gilby says they need more time. I’m on pins and needles here. I also can’t believe that I was that close to being dead on. I surprise even myself.

After the commerical, the guys address the last two standing.

Lukas, Tommy says some glowing things ….

Then he says great things about Dilana, of course.

And finally, here it comes…..

The winner is my boyfriend Lukas! It’s nice to know that all my thousand votes counted! They did say that he had the highest number of votes and they listen to their fans.

But the surprises roll on. They love Dilana, and they aren’t going to leave her hanging. So, Dave wants her to come and play with the house band on the road. Gilby said that he will help write and produce her album. And Dave also said that he wants to play on her record.

So, I think the end of this one was really great. I mean, my boyfriend Lukas wins and gets to tour with Supernova… and Dilana who is a great artist also, gets a record and gets to tour with them also. Nice. Hopefully, she won’t sing any of the songs that she wrote…. umm.. Supersoul? No thank you.

Now the speculation begins as to which washed up band will get a new spark by dragging their asses through Rock Star. Van Halen? Alice in Chains? How about Flock of Seagulls?

Any ideas?

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