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Rock Star: Supernova 9.12.06

They do the viewer’s choice encore which went to Ryan Star. The audience was really happy to see him. He does his “Back of Your Car” song. Which I can say is the only thing I have ever not hated from him. He’s got a new album coming out named “Dark Horse”. Since he won the viewer’s encore, he drives off in a new CRV. Sweet.

After a nice montage of the last four standing, the performances begin. They are going to do a cover and then their original. So, Toby goes first and does “Karma Police” by Radiohead. He needs to lose the Erik Estrada “CHiPs” sunglasses. Ugh,they are tacky. And the weightlifting glove? Oy. His voice isn’t prime this evening, I will tell you that. He’s no Thom Yorke, not that Thom Yorke is a great vocalist. Then for his original, he brings Magni up to play guitar. Ploy? Or genuine act of kindness? He gets okay from Tommy, really good from Dave, Jason and Gilby. So, who knows. I’m just hoping that he’s not the winner here. He’s so bland to me.

Next up, Lukas doing Coldplay “Fix You”, by the way, my favorite song by them. I’m biased. I admit it, I like my little freak. He kicked it quite well, in my cheesy opinion. Something about a dude that wears more eye makeup than I have in years. I am admittedly part of the Rossi Posse. He does an acoustic version of his song “Headspin” which was just great. There were shots of chicks in the crowd singing along… nice. Dave called out that Paula Abdul was in the audience tonight. He also said that he would totally watch Lukas for 2 hours, Tommy and Gilby loved it.

It’s Dilana’s turn. She does a great version of “Roxanne” by the Police. She looked great too, it was regular Dilana, not dreadlocked whacky Dilana. Straight hair, leather dress and a kickin’ cane. The 3 remaining dudes come in behind her and sing. It was quite rockin’. And then she says, “Let’s hear it for my boyfriends!” Love it. Her original cover isn’t the best of the contestants but ….. What was with the total crotch shot? She is wearing a short dress and then kicks up her leg? Then she runs into the crowd and sings to Paula. Haha, gratuitious. She wanders up in the nose bleed seats and belts it out. Of course they all loved her, sang her praises so…I’m thinking that my original prediction was right on, she’s going to take this competition.

Magni closes it out with “Hush”, the old Deep Purple song. Ouch. Not the best I have heard from him at all. Rather screechy in some parts. But the crowd really liked it, and were getting into it. His original is alright, I could see it selling. He’s a rather boring front man. Tommy said that his original was rather unforgettable. I think Magni altogether is forgettable.

So tomorrow, the end of the beginning of Supernova. I must go vote for Lukas….

I bid you adieu… ‘til tomorrow.

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