American Eyes

American Eyes

American Eyes

Never Trust Anything That Bleeds


American Eyes vocalist David Henry says, in the band’s press release, “Living in L.A… bands are a dime a dozen.” Yeah, well, this band is just one more. No better, no worse than a million other NeoGoth/Pop/Punk/Emo boys with eyeliner on the scene today.

That’s not to say that their Never Trust Anything That Bleeds EP doesn’t have its inspired moments. Opening song “Knife Fight With A Girl” begins with a Strokes drum and guitar beat, and flows into an Electro/Indie rocker about a breakup. “Telephone Wires” channels ’80s new wave, and three songs later a vocal collaboration with Tears For Fears’ Curt Smith secures the band’s saturation in ’80s nostalgia. The final song “Radio” is as good a Ramones rip-off as any I’ve ever heard.

If you like Aiden, The Academy Is…, and From First To Last you’ll really enjoy this EP.

American Eyes:

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