We Are Wyoming

Red Buttons

The sophomore effort from San Francisco’s Petracovich (aka Jessica Peters) is a record to fall into like a pile of soft pillows. This is atmospheric, layered pop to get lost in. Though individual songs here may not leave much of an impression, the overall effect is to provide an ideal soundtrack for your next afternoon nap.

Peters sings in a pretty, whispery voice that brings to mind Jane Siberry and Kate Bush, but without the theatrics. Tracks like “Summer Trees” also recall Portishead and Imogen Heap. Despite all the electronic percussion and keyboards here, the record never sounds cold or unnatural. Call it down-to-earth, organic electronica. Weird sound effects weave their way through “What If I Came to Get You” and the title track. But Peters’ comfortable presence keeps things earthbound. And it’s an old world melody that seems to inform “Others.” She also offers intriguing instrumentals like the ethereal piano interlude “Fantasy Impromptu” and the kalimba-tinged “Sparrows on 4th Street.”

“All I Have to Say” has a pretty chorus that sets it apart and “Dearly Departed” has a bit more pep than the other tracks here. But this isn’t a record for hit singles. It’s more like a confident, seamless soundscape played just for you in a cozy living room.


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