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Gasoline Heart

Gasoline Heart

You Know Who You Are

Mono Vs. Stereo

Orlando has a happening indie music scene, and I’m just so excited about it!

Out of the gate as perhaps the first in a string of Central Florida acts on their way to National success is the Louis DeFabrizio-led Gasoline Heart. Having just released their Steve Albini-produced (!!!!) debut You Know Who You Are thist past month, their name and image is popping up in every major music magazine and webzine. With local shows selling out, the band could well be on their way to not just being Orlando’s little secret.

The album presents a polished set of their Alternative/Americana/Roots Rock sound. Fans of Tom Petty, Counting Crows, and The Wallflowers will eat this shit up, but seeing their more rock-infused live set will win over the classic rock purists who want a little more of an edge with their melodies. It’s good old fashioned American rock ‘n’ roll that would have Spingsteen and Dylan tapping their boots.

The CD even comes enhanced with a short film celebrating the Orlando/Winter Park area scene, an interview with DeFabrizio, and a few acoustic performances.

“Move Along” and “Paralyze” are radio hits in the making.

Gasoline Heart:

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