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Foley Case: Not the First Time Heather Wilson Tied to Youth Scandal Questions

Reminiscent of the still-unfolding scandal involving Rep. Mark Foley – and what many, even on the right, see as a Republican cover-up – is an earlier scandal involving Republican Rep. Heather Wilson (NM-01) and her husband, Jay Hone. The video above shows a KOAT-TV7 (Albuquerque) news story prompted by one of Wilson’s first actions when she was appointed to head the NM Department of Children, Youth and Families. Wilson served as Department Secretary from 1995-1998. On her third day in office, she removed a sensitive department case file, which had been opened on her husband, from the agency’s central records repository in Albuquerque. Although Wilson initially denied doing so, she later changed her story and admitted removing the file. In other words, she lied.

To read more about this try Raw Story.

Would you trust your kids around a Republican?

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