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Amazing Race 10-Week 8- 11.5.06

They all leave the island of Mauritius and head to Madagascar.

Tyler and James already look a little worse for wear and the stress is showing between them. They’ve made an alliance with Rob and Kimberly because they feel that they have no other choice. Lord knows the Addicts can’t seem to work a map.

The Six Pack is also busting up a little, The Billies are still innocent and believing while the Bama Girls have decided that they are the smartest ones in the pack. Whatever….I hope they go packing just from attitude alone. The Billies are just ….. goofy.

They all make it to Madagascar, the Billies in the lead and head off to the Black Angel which is a landmark that they have find. Rob and Kimberly, driving through town, are discussing how these people die early because they breath in exhaust fumes and they don’t eat enough protein so they have underdeveloped brains. Nice, huh? He’s the man I wanna bring home to my momma….

We hit the first ever, Intersection. 2 teams must join up until further notice, great huh? So, Rob and Kimberly and the Addicts will merge until further notice. They run into the Fast Forward and they must go to the downtown market and eat cow lips. How damn gross, but hey… I wanna see them do it!

The Beauty Queens make it to the Intersection and wait for the next team to come for their new buddies. The Bama Girls and the Billies team up and hit for the Fast Forward. That least the Beauty Queens and The Cho Bros. Hopefully, the Cho Bros will just get on the stick and make something happen. But does that stop the B Queens to make some retarded racist remark.

The Detour is Long Sleep or Short Letter. In Long Sleep, teams have to make their way to the market, find the mattress vendor, cover 8 foam mattresses with material to finally deliver them about one mile away through the windy alleys of the town. In Short Letter must travel 3.5 miles to make paper. They have to make and decorate 28 sheets of pretty paper.

The Billies and Bama Girls argue over doing the Fast Forward, the Billies want to, obviously, but the Bama Girls say to just to the for sure thing. And frankly it’s … smart. Over at the Fast Forward they are all freaking out…haha….except for Tyler. He’s all..”hey, eat it..whatever..just eyes on the prize” and he’s chowing like they are Big Macs. The other ones are gagging and barely choking them down. It’s brilliant. I’d like to see Kimberly just puke everywhere. They are all patting him on the back. “He can’t swim but he can eat cow lips”. I love it.

The B Queens and the The Cho Bros made short work of it. They are toting them one mile, they get a little lost. They get the next clue and they are separated. They have to get 4 miles to some LONG assed name place…Totorathaboato LKJMFOSIDJFSJDNFSDJFNSKDHF. They get their next clue there.

Back at the Fast Forward, Kim is still having a hard time with the lips, she actually yakked. So, it’s great….they needed more drama surrounding those lips! It gets to the point that Rob is cutting up her hunk of lips.

The damn cursed Chos have gotten in another broken car! But that didn’t seem to slow them up too much. Thank God. I love me some Chos.

The B Queens hit the second clue first, and run into a Road Block. They have to find rubber stamps while their teammate has gone to the Pit Stop ahead. The Chos get to it shortly after and Godwin is off to hunt for stamps. The one B Queen rips it up, gets the stamps and head out.

Still at the cow lips, Kimberly has another attack of the hurl. The people behind them are cheering them on, and Kimberly is the only one left to finish the lips. But damn, she kicked ass and did the lips. They are on their way to Cathedral Andahalo to the Pit Stop.

The Billies and Bama Girls finally make it to the stamps, one of them is obviously going home. No sweat of my nose on either of them, that’s for sure.

They all make it to the mat, and the Billies have the 30 minutes to wait but the Bama Girls make it across the mat while they had 20 minutes left.

Across the mat –

  1. Beauty Queens

  1. The Addicts

  1. Rob and Kimberly

  1. The Cho Bros

  1. Bama Girls

  1. David and Mary – Last and Eliminated

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