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Amazing Race 10- Week 10- 11.19.06

At the continuation of this race the teams must now go to Kiev the site of Chernobyl.

With The Addicts in first place, they are pissed that they suddenly are going to be with the rest of the pack since the flight to Kiev starts them all over again. So much for the big lead they worked for.

They get to the airport, The Addicts and the B Queens get on a flight via Vienna and everyone else got on a flight via Warsaw but all arrive at 1:35 so, again, they are all on the same page.

The Warsaw flight gets delayed so the Addicts and B Queens get a slight lead. They have to head to the Oster Tank School so that they can drive some tanks! It’s a road block also, so one of them has to do the challenge and get the clue at the end of the course. Of course on the way there, the Cho’s can’t seem to handle it and get lost. The Bama’s are with them, so they lose ground also.

James and Dustin are neck and neck when James stalls out the tank yet again. The other teams haven’t even made it to the school. Rob and Kimberly are yet again at each other’s throats.

Finally they all complete the tank task and head off for the next clue. The Addicts and B Queens are far ahead of the other teams, Rob and Kim in the middle and the Chos and Bamas last. Someone HAS to get car trouble because I swear it’s the law. Rob and Kimberly get the short end of the stick this week. But somehow manage to stay in 3rd place. The Bamas and Chos are last but now they take off and leave the Chos on their own.

They have to head to the city of Kiev and find an apartment to get the next clue from some babushka lady. No big story there other than the lady is scary lookin.

The Detour is “Make Music or Find Music” They have to either go to the Dance and Groove Studio Bar and be rappers in a karaoke bar and sing about each of their countries or the National Music Academy and dress like conductors and find a piece of music, then find the pianist to play it. The B Queens chose the rappin’ karaoke and holy smokes they are stupid. The Chos and Addicts find the music and the rest to the make the music. The Chos however get the big boot because they drive on a closed street and have to show all their papers to the cops. It’s nightfall before they make it to see Phil and they get their walking papers.

The Great Patriotic War Memorial is the pitstop for this race.

  1. The Addicts

  1. The B Queens

  1. Rob and Kimberly

  1. The Bamas

Eliminated – The Chos – Finally, it’s true- the nice guys DO finish last.

Next week there is a Yield in Morrocco. I have to say, I think the B Queens are going to get a Bama Smackdown.

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