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1245 Secret flights by CIA

1,245 Secret CIA Flights Revealed by European Parliament

The CIA flew 1,245 secret flights into European airspace, according to a European Parliament draft report obtained by ABC News.

The report is the result of a year-long investigation into secret CIA “extraordinary rendition” flights and prisons in Europe.</i>

Read this article, which only further confirms what many had known for years, that is, the United States routinely sends “terrorists” to nations known for torture in a process known as rendition. “Terrorists” in quotes because the vast majority of these people are never charged with a crime, a few, after being tortured, are released, without ever being convicted of anything.

But read the comments on this piece. It is disturbing how many of our neighbors are quite willing to cast our Constitution – and the moral principles upon which it is based – out the window, gleefully.

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