Sten Hostfalt

Sten Hostfalt

Sten Hostfalt

29 Pieces for the Microtonal Guitar


Beware of record labels that feature non-standard capitalization rules. And if you’re not very into experimental music, avoid instruments you’ve never heard of. I admit I’m a novice at listening to microtonal guitar. Rather than tune and play eight notes to an octave, the micro-tonalists split the octave into 72 pieces, allowing a finer resolution in frequency, even if nice-sounding chords are harder to find. Not only are the intervals small, but the notes sound small in volume. Everything on this disc seems like it was played at the lowest volume possible, forcing you to lean in and squint with your ears. There’s a feeling that someone has gotten a guitar, is just feeling it out and isn’t yet ready to play a “real song.” The airs are jazz-oriented, but in a quiet, respectful, almost shamed manner. Polite applause arises near the end, and best of all, you get a bonus track. Yes, Virginia, there are 30 tracks on this disc.

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