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Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney

Nothing Left To Lose


Mat Kearney’s music is an interesting hybrid of a number of styles: rock, pop and a hint of hip-hop. Nothing Left To Lose is his major label debut, but even from a first listen, it’s content must have had executives at his label tearing their hair out when pitching his music to radio. Take “Girl America” as a case in point; Kearney switches between hip-hop-flavored verses and a soaring, gorgeous melodic chorus, the kind that would make Chris Martin of Coldplay proud.

Although there is no doubt Kearney has been influenced by Coldplay, vocally, his sound is closest to that of Chris Trapper of the Push Stars, especially on opening track, “Undeniable,” which is the one song that pulls off his bold mix of styles most successfully.

Two songs label execs definitely shouldn’t have trouble pitching to radio are the superb driving rock of “Crashing Down” and beautiful ballad “All I Need,” which perhaps illustrate that Kearney is at his best when keeping things simple.

Mat Kerney:

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