What They Did Was Secret (But Now It’s a Movie)

What They Did Was Secret (But Now It’s a Movie)

Well, it looks like the long-awaited Germs movie What We Do Is Secret will finally be hitting screens this July. Tracking the rise and fall of L.A.’s most storied punk band, the film stars Shane West as self-destructive singer Darby Crash, Rick Gonzalez as irrepressible guitarist Pat Smear, Noah Segan as spacey drummer Don Bolles, and Bijou Phillips as something-something bassist Lorna Doom (don’t know much about her personality – sorry, Lorna). The trailer can be viewed here.

If you ask me, that three minutes and twenty-eight seconds really dances the line between stupid and incredibly stupid. The whole concept of a Germs movie seems kind of faulty. They were a fantastic band and Darby Crash was an interesting guy, but why are we getting this before an Iggy Pop biopic? Is it because Darby was gay/bisexual? Are they looking for a Brokeback Punkers type of thing here? The title kind of suggests that (as do parts of the trailer). Maybe I’m just biased against punk rock drama movies. Can’t think of a single good one. Always painfully overdone and painful to watch.

On the other hand, that line about the taco cracked me up. Maybe What We Do Is Secret won’t be a big fat pile of ghost crap. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until July.

EDIT #1: It just dawned on me why we haven’t seen an Iggy biopic – he isn’t dead yet. Unbelievable, considering the life he’s lead.

EDIT #2: Apparently there is an Iggy biopic on the horizon. Thanks for pointing that out, nap.

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